Bell Green Community Centre

Bell Green Community Centre was built in 1946 with money donated by the British War Relief Society of America.

Bell Green is designated one of the most run down areas in Britain but what we lack in material things we make up for in community spirit.

Bell Green Community Centre has given so much to the community over the last 65 years and the community has repaid us by continuously visiting the centre and keeping our records of attendance at over 400 visitors per week.

We run things from Indoor Bowls to Kick Boxing lessons, O.A.P Keep Fit to Irish Dance. Our Tea Dances are attended by people in adjacent towns and cities.

The majority of our visitors come from the Bell Green area and especially to the elderly members the centre is a god send where they can meet old friends, make new ones and keep as fit as possible one of our dancers is 94 years old.

We say in our heading ‘the Heart of Bell Green’ because that is what I think we are, the heart of the area. The centre is a living entity full of laughter and companionship.